What is epithelial tissue

What is epithelial tissue, By the end of this section, you will be able to: explain the structure and function of epithelial tissue distinguish between tight junctions, anchoring junctions.

Epithelium (epi-+ thele + -ium) is one of the four basic types of animal tissue, along with connective tissue, muscle tissue and nervous tissue epithelial tissues.

Epithelial tissue is composed of cells laid together in sheets with the cells tightly connected to one another epithelial layers are avascular, but innervated epithelial cells have two surfaces that differ in both structure and function.

Epithelial tissue, or epithelium, has the following general characteristics: epithelium consists of closely packed, flattened cells that make up the inside or outside lining of.

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  • Epithelial tissue is one of the four major tissue types in the body, acting as an interface between the body and the rest of the world your skin is composed of this tissue, and it also lines your body cavities and major organs.

Epithelial tissue is a sheet of cells that covers a body surface or lines a body cavity two forms occur in the human body: covering and lining epithelium– forms the outer layer of the skin lines open cavities of the digestive and respiratory systems covers the walls of organs of the closed ventral body cavity. There is epithelial tissue in the skin epithelial tissue forms the inner lining of the stomach, lungs, and blood vessels types of epithelial tissue there are different. Read our article and learn more on medlineplus: epithelium.

What is epithelial tissue
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